Feed on Beauty; Drink the World!

Welcome to the blog for Beauty Vamp Magazine, the premiere Vampire magazine of Second Life! We hope that you will enjoy following the innovative and delightful path that Beauty Vamp Magazine is developing. We are trailblazers in daring to create an elite quality set of periodicals in SL all about vampires, vampire culture and their dark fashion sense that goes beyond goth and becomes pure seduction of the sense.

The very first issue of Beauty Vamp is slated to arrive in late Summer ’13 and will come bound in a single issue, comprising fashion & culture with regular installments of a vampire graphic novel as well as other beautiful & totally unique offerings. Future plans of the Beauty Vamp publishing franchise include a roleplay directory and a short Art ‘Zine called “Beauty Vamp: blood drops”. The “Blood Drops”form of Beauty Vamp will feature individual art pieces accompanied by poem or short prose poems in as few as 2 to 4 pages.  The purpose of the Blood Drops is vampire beauty that can drop more frequently than the full magazine issues.

Beauty Vamp Magazine plans have evolved! Stay in touch to receive updates by joining our inworld SL group, “Beauty Vamp” or by adding us on twitter, facebook etc.



For exciting promotional contests to win L$ and to have your Second Life avatar be a guest start in future Beauty Vamp issues, or to have your dark fashion sense featured…. please join the Beauty Vamp Magazine Flickr group!  Click HERE: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2184680@N24/

Please visit the Beauty Vamp locations in Second life here:

Beauty Vamp Kiosk @ (/^VAMPIRE EMPIRE^\) ++ THE WALL ++ Transylvania http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Transylvania/46/210/31
Beauty Vamp Kiosk @ Crossroads – Dark Roleplay Sims , Crossroads (214, 222, 501) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crossroads/214/220/501

Beauty Vamp Sponsors (for specific Beauty Vamp Models, listed below)

Finesmith Jewelry
FINESMITH Logo: Modeled by Christiana Xevion on our fashion pages.

MONS makeup.
MONS LOGO 512x512 : Modeled by Christiana Xevion on our fashion pages.

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