Golden Goddess by Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat's "Golden Goddess"

I am proud to blog this beautiful outfit by Faster Pussycat, “Golden Goddess”.  The amazing design will be in a fashion show upcoming at Finesmith Jewelry, “The Angels Has come down to Finesmith in Glitter” on Friday, February 14th at 2 pm slt.  There will be a fashion fair at Finesmith for these wonderful designs, plus more, so don’t miss “The Fantasy Angels Fair” starting on February 14th at Finesmith Jewelry! Please note that Finesmith Jewelry has just moved, so you can visit them at Orage Creations sim!

Thank you for allowing me to blog for you, Honey Bender. I think Faster Pussycat is making some of those most exciting designs around and this new “Golden Goddess” made me feel like a million bucks in it!

Please read the event details for the Finesmith “Fantasy Angels” fair: (more…)

Beauty Vamp Magazine NEWS and…. looking for the blogger posts?


I’ve had many emails and IMs from those who are eagerly anticipating the release of Beauty Vamp Magazine, issue one, after having seen us at the Second Life 10th Birthday Bash. Many of you said that you enjoyed reading the Promo of the magazine and you are wondering when issue one will be released. We get excited every time one person contacts, so please know you are encouraging what might be the most unique and ambitious dark fashion & vampire art magazine on Second Life, and perhaps on the entire internet. We are nearly done with the vampire Graphic Novel! This is excellent news, since this was the meatiest and most artful side to the whole magazine, requiring the writer, TheBeautyVamp, and the photographer/digital artist, Darzian Silverfall, to work nearly every day for over three months! There has also been countless days spent doing the groundwork on the layout, which is all the original design and content of Darzian Silverfall. Add to that the fashion photography, which many pieces have been completed, and you have a real mountain of dark beauty about to get released! There’s still much work to be done though, so I anticipate this coming out near the end of September, perhaps in early October 2013.

We hope you continue to follow us, using this website as well as our other sites for a window in on the project. We will continue to make THIS blog the central source of information about the magazine.

With that said, you may understand why I felt it necessary to move the fashion blog posts to 2 new blogs, each under the Beauty Vamp name! To spell it out plainly, we need the main blog to be a source of information that is easily accessible to keep people informed on our progress!

1- Beauty Vamp Fashion Blog, for all the dark fashion entries. We have NEW bloggers too! You should start to see many new names posting, as awesome bloggers are joining our team to share their dark fashion sense!
2- Beauty Vamp, the lighter side {human} blog. A bit of a confusing title, but this blog is for all the trendy, fashionista, barbie, pop fashions that we gothy types sometimes like to rock. We do the trendy stuff, and we do it in amazing details and elaborate display. All beauty vamp bloggers are invited to contribute here too, so you should see more names posting soon!

please follow all three of our blogs! Thanks for reading.